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Kristen Yarincik

First Name   Kristen
Last Name   Yarincik
Position   Vice President and Director, Research & Education and Director, National Ocean Sciences Bowl
Department Research and Education
Phone   work (202) 448-1237



Kristen Yarincik is the Director of Research and Education, providing strategic and programmatic oversight for Ocean Leadership’s research and education related programs. Kristen additionally serves as the Director of the National Ocean Sciences Bowl, Ocean Leadership’s flagship education program.


Kristen joined Ocean Leadership in 2001, spending her first 10 years leading the International Secretariat for the Census of Marine Life, which involved facilitating its international Scientific Steering Committee and coordinating and supporting its 17 global projects and 13 national and regional committees.


Kristen received a bachelor’s degree in Environmental Geosciences from Boston College and a master’s degree in Earth Sciences from Boston University. Her graduate research focused on the paleoceanography of Cariaco Basin (Venezuela) through analysis of cores from the Ocean Drilling Program. Prior to joining Ocean Leadership, Kristen worked as an Associate Producer with Northern Light Productions, a documentary film company in Boston, Massachusetts, where she supported film and audiovisual projects for Yellowstone National Park, Sitka National Historical Park, Guilford Courthouse National Military Park, and the Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History.


Projects in Kristen’s purview at Ocean Leadership include: the Gulf of Mexico Research Initiative; Interagency Ocean Observations Committee; the distributed program office for the Tropical Pacific Observing System (TPOS2020); Enhanced Ocean Policy, Observations, Literacy, and Collaboration; the Ocean Science Educators Retreat; and the National Ocean Sciences Bowl.

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