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Melissa Brodeur

First Name   Melissa
Last Name   Brodeur
Position   Program Mananger, NOSB
Department Research and Education
Phone   work (202) 448-1230


Melissa Brodeur is the Program Manager of the National Ocean Sciences Bowl (NOSB). Melissa joined the CORE division of Ocean Leadership in April 2007 as a Research Associate for the Census of Marine Life and the National Oceanographic Partnership Program. Understanding the importance of educating the next generation of ocean scientists and stewards, she was delighted to begin working with the NOSB in 2011.


Melissa received her bachelor’s degree in Marine Biology from Fairleigh Dickinson University and as part of her bachelor’s degree requirements, studies tropical marine science at the University of Hawaii in Hilo and temperate ecosystems at Shoals Marine Laboratory. Melissa received her master’s degree in Earth Sciences and Oceanography from the University of New Hampshire; her thesis topic dealt with modeling the effects of physical ocean properties on the growth of blue mussels at UNH’s open ocean aquaculture site. Prior to Ocean Leadership, Melissa worked as a Laboratory Technician at UNH’s Jackson Estuarine Laboratory, conducting research in estuarine, coastal and shelf environments. She participated in countless environmental monitoring cruises, collecting data on temperature, salinity, dissolved oxygen and other parameters at UNH’s open ocean aquaculture site. Two of her larger projects focused on the use of underwater videography for habitat mapping, including oyster reef mapping in the Great Bay Estuary and habitat mapping in open and closed fishing areas on Jeffreys Ledge in the Gulf of Maine. During her years at JEL, Melissa also gained valuable GIS skills for mapping and visualizing research project results. In addition to working at JEL, Melissa taught coursework in Environmental Science at York County Technical College in Wells, ME.

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